The Green Room is defining “Up State” where the casualness of the country people meets the sophistication of the Upper States. Join us for a phenomenal evening out with friends and family where you will be treated to fresh cuisine made of soups, salads, entrées, breads, and desserts. All of this bundled in an intimate and cozy turn-of-the-century building where you are absorbed into the great atmosphere as you enjoy a glass of fine aged wine or a cocktail from our beverage selection.

We dedicate all our time to providing our guests with the finest quality ambiance, cuisine and the hospitality of the south at our unique award-winning restaurant. Green Room Up State’s philosophy is simple criteria but it is certain. We work hard to provide our guests with taste-filled culinary and atmosphere experiences. We have a huge diversity and incredibly talented team of people to help us, as well as our clientage that have over the years wonderfully supported us.

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