You and me are on the same boat, we love spicy food, on the other hand, we sorta kinda hate cooking said recipe as it only leaves our mouths watering during the process. Spicy Chicken Fajitas can be easily counted as one of my top three favorite spicy foods, ever. The first time I had Chicken Fajitas was at my aunt’s house, it wasn’t even spicy, the dish had red bell pepper on the side and it gave the cooked chicken breast great flavor, so I’ve adapted my own recipe to hers, this is what came of it.

The recipe goes like this :

  • 7 oz of chicken breast
  • one red bell pepper
  • 1 oz mushrooms
  • 1 whole medium-sized lemon
  • 1 spoonful olive oil
  • curry (optional)
  • salt, pepper and spicy spices at your choice!

Start by grabbing a huge bowl, drop the chicken breast in with pepper, salt, spices and stir a little to make all the ingredients blend together. Grab a frying pan, pour the olive oil in and add your chicken to it, stir on low fire. In the meantime, grab a second frying pan and start slowly frying your red bell pepper and the mushrooms together. Wait for around one or two minutes before adding the lemon juice in and keep cooking for another three minutes on low fire. I don’t add the whole lemon in the pan, I use a lemon juicer and only add the juice, some say this is not a wise idea, until they taste the final product, you can barely taste the lemon scented chicken breast and combined with curry it creates an amazing aroma storm for you to enjoy. If you don’t have a lemon at hand, a grapefruit will work just the fine.

At the end of the day it’s your choice, I prefer lemon on most of my food, you choose if you want to go down the same road I did. Back to your chicken, by the time you finished cooking your vegetables, the meat should start getting an orange vibrant color, it’s pretty much done, you can take it off the pan, or fry it a little more if you like ’em crunchy! Add your cooked vegetables over the chicken and there you have it! A meal that tastes better than ramen noodles!

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