I’m a chef, or at least I like to think that I am and that means I will make use of any tools at hand. You will be surprised but electronic appliances are not always as good as your own hands, I don’t expect you to make toast with your bare hands but I’d much rather have mashed potatoes, mashed by me, not some funky robot.

The only good thing about this huge list is that it completes itself, people always do things the hard way and buy useless tools. In reality you can get a much more reliable appliance for a better price that can do what you want it to do and then some more. The sad part is waiting in between cooking your food, you don’t have enough time to take a power nap but there is enough time to start questioning your life choices. I usually fill my free time with a game, anything like that, so does my husband, he plays the heck outta FIFA. I personally don’t find it all that interesting, just the other day I heard him talk to his friend about using a cheat and now he won’t shut up. Way to go!

1. Onion Chopper

Cutting onions, peppers, mostly vegetables is always a painful experience, I really like the part when I cry uncontrollably for 30 minutes after finishing off the last onion. This one isn’t even electric but it saves you gallons of tears and time. You can use this to cut any legumes you can think of, I’ll stick to only cutting onions with the chopper, peppers aren’t that bad after all.

2. Sandwich Making Machine

This one would probably take the top of the list if it wasn’t for me crying. A ‘raw’ sandwich works fine, tastes good and does everything a sandwich needs to do, but one that’s cooked, oh my, you are in for a world of happiness. Not only will you not need to eat a casual sandwich ever gain, but you can also cook more than one at a time, some sandwich machines can do up to four sandwiches at once!

3. Coffee Brewer/Espresso Maker

coffee beans brew

Coffee is the first thing I think about in the morning, my body is no longer able to function properly without at least one cup of that sweet heavenly beverage. I believe coffee brewers are extremely useful and can help you shave minutes from the process of making coffee. In spite of its ability to brew, from time to time I like to make coffee on my own terms, starting with boiling the beans all the way to pouring the hot juice into my cup.

4. Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is nothing special, it only speeds the ordinary cooking process up, which might be enough for some people and it is enough for me. It boils water at a higher temperature which cooks your food faster, while the boiling water turns into steam the food soaks all of it allowing the cooking process to take less than conventional cooking methods.

5. Pizza Oven

Don’t think about an oven inside a wall alright? It’s not the same thing, this one is way cooler! I haven’t the slightest clue what you use to cook your pizza, my guess is like most people you use a stove or an oven, so did I until coming across pizza ovens, I didn’t even know they were a thing before that. They come in handy more times than I like to admit and are easier to use than the average stove, they are also easier to clean. I love how the the pizza comes out round shaped for a change, most of the home made pizza I ate was rectangular, which ruins half of the experience for me.

how to cook pizza in the oven

6. Juice Blender

My sleeping schedule is all over the place and I have the metabolism of a college student, that doesn’t stop me from trying to be at least 1% healthy. I try to go out running/walking whenever I can and here comes my favorite part, the infamous juice blender. After I come home I blend myself a variety of fruit together, I gain a lot of energy from it and it’s rather refreshing, it is far superior to your average cup of water. Think about it, a juice blender is something you might wanna pick up when you get the chance.

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