Why I believe restaurants that take online orders are the future? Let’s take a few minutes to analyze all the facts and proof to why online restaurants will become largely popular in less than five to seven years. It is common knowledge that technology is starting to take over whatever it can, restaurants are no exception, online orders have become so much more popular in the last years that most people don’t even bother going out anymore!

Restaurant Apps

If your restaurant/bar already has a website set up and you want to take things to the next level, you can try building an app for your website, or hire freelancers to do it for you. This has a number of benefits with very few drawbacks to account for.

When looking for ideas, I suggest you take a look at the store’s most popular releases, one great example can be Clash Royale by Supercell. It’s a card game, based on the hit Clash of Clans game, of course this has nothing to do with your app but the menus are amazing and you could inspire yourself a little. Gems hack Clash Royale in a very different way, they are used as a currency to get cards, there’s an idea! You could reward people with certain points when they order using your app, in return they can get order extra sauce or napkins with said points! Anyway, this is hands down my favorite method of ordering food at the moment.

Faster Than Ever

Using online data bases and sorting algorithms, ordering is much more efficient when it is tracked online, no physical receipts, no table number, just the name and the residence of the person ordering food. Look around, most pizza delivery places have already implemented this, either online or by phone call. Ordering through calls is a little more complicated but it’s far more efficient than going to a restaurant to order. The reason online ordering is so quick is because there are mostly no people involved, just programs and forms to do all the hard work while you wait for the food at home. Clearly your food won’t be cooked or packed by robots, but the hardest part is handled by machines.

Zero Work Involved

Keeping track of orders and feedback is no easy task, you need at least a half-dozen good people to do all this, if not more. My point is that with the ever-evolving technology, we can do all those complex tasks in a matter of seconds without a marge of error. Setting up all the required things for the app or website to function takes a lot of work, but once done you will not regret doing it for one second. By the way, your worst nightmare, also known as ‘queues’ is also out-of-order when it comes down to online orders.

Say Goodbye To Queues

This reason could single-handedly force people into using the internet for ordering food instead of physically going to a restaurant. Tell me how many times you found yourself stuck in a queue because you wanted a hot dog or a cheeseburger? One too many times. Worse than waiting in a queue is having to wait for your ticket to be called. Places dispensing tickets with a number on them while they make you wait for your number to be called before you are able to order, they should be gone.

ticket dispensing machine

People are always in a hurry and they would rather not waste time waiting for food in the middle of nowhere when they can just order food at home and wait for it to arrive in the comfort of their condo. It only takes a moment to realize that everyone around you has their faces planted on the smart phone screen. That’s where the world is headed, a world dominated by internet and technology, we might as well make the first step and get our business ready for this next phase of the evolution!

While I still strongly believe that a significant number of people will still choose to visit a place over virtually looking at it, it is best to be safe than sorry. Let’s take a few weeks and create something both parties can use, no matter the time or place. Old school restaurants will most likely never be replaced by virtual ones, but people are always looking for an easier way of doing anything, if they can achieve that using an application or a website, why not just give it to them?

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